Liddell Consulting Group helps leaders discover the driving force behind their organization’s ability to achieve their full potential. Finding purpose empowers leaders to recognize value, and create a company culture of engagement, contribution, and trust.  Let Liddell Consulting help you unlock the success you are capable of – at all levels of your organization.


Our History

David Liddell founded Liddell Consulting Group in 2002 with the sole purpose of simplifying leadership challenges. 

Because of his background in project and program management and education in engineering, David powers his leadership consulting approach with analytical thinking and a determined attitude. His innate curiosity and inclination toward order enable him to work with leaders using his series of methodical, fact-gathering processes and simplified, action-oriented solutions.

Liddell Consulting Group’s goals pivot around applying this approach to benefit leaders as individuals and as teams – at all levels. The Liddell Consulting team is well-versed in guiding leaders through tricky business and career hurdles and bringing order to uncertainty. Because our team enjoys seeing through complicated organizational challenges and developing simple solutions, we come to work every day ready to help cultivate exceptional leadership so our clients can meet their potential.

Our Team

David Liddell

A firm believer that leadership doesn’t have to be complicated, David provides clarity amid what can seem like confusion, and unlocks the full potential in individual leaders and organizations.

Founder and CEO of Liddell Consulting, David is known as an authority on optimizing leadership performance. For 20 years he has enjoyed partnering with companies to tackle complex organizational and leadership challenges by finding straight forward answers to unique challenges.  

He helps organizations and individual leaders navigate tough challenges by providing an anchor in fundamental leadership principles. The result is an unstoppable success trajectory. David’s coaching style guides leaders to realize their purpose and has consistently enabled leaders to achieve their desired results. 

David enjoys spending time with his wife, grown son, and friends on the Cape, on his boat or traveling the world, as well as dining out and tasting good wines.

Jill Brown

Jill joined Liddell Consulting Group with a diverse background with different organizations.

Having spent a decade working with a variety of organizations, Jill is no stranger to organizational challenges and how to overcome them.

Jill’s biggest professional accomplishment was starting her own daycare, which she ran for 15 years. She returns to the professional world ready to help Liddell Consulting’s clients achieve the results they desire. In her free time, Jill enjoys running and spending time with her family and two dogs.

Start Your Journey To Success

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We know that every company has a unique set of challenges.  Our perspective can help simplify what needs to be improved and our time-tested methods can provide clear steps toward your performance goals.


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