Gains from working through the Liddell Leadership Team Performance process range from exceptionally personal, like understanding how tone of voice impacts how a message is received, to strategically beneficial, such as unifying your team around goal priorities. All teams come out the other side stronger and more unified.

Because the process requires a leave your ego at the door approach, your leadership team labels performance gaps and effectively works through them. Newly aligned perspectives and attitudes result in long-term performance improvements – meaning our work together takes your leadership style and optimizes it – driving measurable success. 

“That training was transformative for [me and my organization]. David’s input and meeting management were artful and purposeful. Much appreciated and I believe we are on track to re-alignment that will propel us forward.”

President, Marketing and Proposals

Demographic & Marketing Database Supplier

The Quickstart process concludes with the delivery of a Team Performance Plan.  This plan summarizes discussions from your leadership team and recommends the best course of action, specifically tailored for your organization.


Build Your Success Profile by Identifying your Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

  • Where do you want your organization to go?
  • What do you need to achieve to be successful?
  • How will you get there?


What you do and say, the way you behave, the way you treat each other, and how you know you belong. This is workplace culture. Comparing your current company culture to your success profile enables you to align your leadership team.


After identifying your leadership team aspirational and ideal culture, then we can talk about how each of you are affecting it. Which leadership competencies are you excelling at and which are holding you back.

  • Strategic Insight
  • Managing Outcomes
  • Leadership Impact
  • Personal Development


  • Determine gaps and priorities for improvement.
  • Define action plans to impact positive change.
  • Use CSFs and KPIs to predict and define success.
  • Assign responsibility and outline milestones for accountability.

Start Your Journey To Success

We're ready, are you?

We know that every company has a unique set of challenges.  Our perspective can help simplify what needs to be improved and our time-tested methods can provide clear steps toward your performance goals.

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