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Liddell Consulting Group has served as the trusted adviser for organizational leaders and managers since 2002. Experience allows us to see through complicated organizational challenges, and working with leaders at all levels in a wide range of industries has taught us how to inspire others to elevate their performance.

“I enjoyed everything about this workshop, but I really connected most with the section about building trust….  I found being interactive and relating our experiences to the concepts to be very valuable….   I most enjoyed learning the different aspects of coaching and planning.”



July PXT Select™ Virtual Showcase

How to Build High-Performance Sales Teams

Thursday July 18th, 2024 | 11:00AM – 12:00PM Eastern

Salespeople often facilitate the first interaction a prospect has with your product or service. Your salespeople are where the proverbial rubber meets the road. They connect with customers and prospects in ways that ads cannot. So when salespeople and sales teams fail to deliver, it hurts–a lot. That’s where PXT Select™ can help. Join us to discover how the PXT Select assessment creates a consistent, scalable process that provides decision-makers with the information they need to select the right salespeople, build effective teams, and coach salespeople towards ultra-performance. Attendees receive a complimentary PXT Select assessment so you can learn more about how this powerful solution helps predict job success by selecting and nurturing sales superstars from day one.

You Will Learn:

• How PXT Select allows sales managers to hire the right people
and build effective teams
• The eight critical sales practices that build and sustain an all-star sales team
• The full value of PXT Select as a tool for talent selection, coaching, and managing sales performance

Liddell Consulting Group is a PXT Select authorized partner.


September Leadership Webinar

Psychological Safety

Friday September 13, 2024 | 9:00AM – 10:00AM Eastern

Watch this space for details.

June Leadership Webinar

The Power of Expectations: What Setting Clear Expectations Can Do for Your Business

Did you miss the June Leadership Webinar? Don’t worry, we recorded it. 

November Leadership Webinar

Stay tuned for topic and registration information!

Friday November 15th 9-10AM | SAVE THE DATE

HAVEN’t met Dave YET?

He is the founder and CEO of Liddell Consulting Group and is known for sending audiences home inspired.

Dave is an expert in results-based leadership consulting. He specializes in providing clarity in chaos, to unlock the full potential in organizations.

As founder and CEO of Liddell Consulting Group, he is an authority on optimizing leadership performance, and firmly believes that leadership doesn’t have to be complicated.  Dave enjoys seeing through organizational challenges to develop simple solutions across industries.

David Liddell delivers compelling leadership insights to audiences made up of leaders at all levels of organizations. His talks shed light on how to bring leadership to peak performance with logical reasoning and a process driven approach. 

He inspires his audiences to return to their organizations empowered, enlightened, and driven to reach new levels of success.

Have Questions About Leadership?

Every leader, every business has their own set of unique challenges and concerns. Sometimes the path is clear, but other times talking through the issues with an experienced leadership expert is what it takes to get the gears aligned. David Liddell is available for a complementary 1 hour discussion focused on your specific concerns and challenges. To schedule a time, contact us today!

“Dave’s presentation was realistic and informative. I walked away feeling like I could make an impact on my organization”


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We know that every company has a unique set of challenges.  Our perspective can help simplify what needs to be improved and our time-tested methods can provide clear steps toward your performance goals.


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