UNLOCKING Growth Potential

February 2019

Bill King came to us when he and his team realized his business needed an outside perspective to bring its success to the next level.

As founder and president of the North American representative of DATRON AG, a manufacturer of innovative CNC production technology based in Germany, Mr. King found himself at the head of a young leadership team and recognized that limited perspective was inhibiting the growth of his business.

“I have a great deal of pride in this company and where are today, as well as where we were. We all felt we had a good foundation and good culture, but knew we had so much more potential.”

Bill King, Founder and President of DATRON Dynamics


Generating opportunities for growth can be a challenge for leaders with the most comprehensive backgrounds. DATRON Dynamics knew that its leadership team was lacking managerial experience and could use coaching, but were unaware of other growth-inhibiting weaknesses. Their ultimate goal was effective and sustainable growth.

“We had good growth, but our goals were high and we wanted the company to go from good to great. We knew we had an excellent product and that we had an untapped market, but it felt like we were just scratching surface. It seemed like we could do so much more, and it made sense to start at the leadership level.”


Our initial consultation centered around meeting the key players and touring the company. Problem areas quickly came to the surface. We began with the Performance Optimization Quickstart, our proprietary approach using interactive group discussions, individual discovery, and facilitation that results in an actionable plan. We were able to work with about half the company, going beyond leadership to key stakeholders in strategic positions. In addition, we interviewed customers and analyzed the different types of customers to uncover the right targets. Over the course of two years, our team worked with individuals through executive coaching and leadership consulting, we performed leadership workshops to facilitate team development and enhance communication skills. Workshops also helped leaders and key stakeholders to develop skills necessary for what they would encounter as they grew.

“We didn’t realize that we didn’t have an identity. Our people were passionate and liked their jobs, but no one really knew what our purpose was. Now everyone knows why we come to work and what drives us.”


The results of our work with DATRON Dynamics was stronger, more directed leadership, which set the foundation for the growth they were driving towards. By working directly with each member of the leadership team, as well as the group as a whole, they now have a set of terms and concepts for a central reference point. DATRON Dynamics also has shared core values, a mission, and cohesion among their people. By teaching them how to develop new initiatives and benchmarks to evaluate progress, as well as skills for hiring right for new roles, they can take what they learned and apply it as they evolve over time. Ultimately, they now have a strategic plan with pertinent long-term goals and skills for sustained improvement and growth.

“You can’t work in vacuum… if you only work with insiders you will be vulnerable to outside problems. Dave gave us perspective and great foundation of knowledge so we can continue to grow.”


  • Keeping your teams and leadership functioning at the highest possible levels takes care and attention.
  • Leveraging your most valuable assets means working together with your leadership and key stakeholders.
  • Ongoing education and skill development can help you directly address the challenges you face.
  • Investing in your own critical competencies allows you to affect growth.
  • In a fast-paced environment, having a trusted adviser enables you think through and tackle challenges.
  • Strong companies are built on a solid leadership foundation.
  • Today’s businesses face an evolving set of challenges including retention, engagement, competition, etc. Adaptable and engaging leaders ensure your survival and success.


DATRON Dynamics provides local sales, service and support for DATRON AG, a German-based manufacturer of innovative CNC production technology. DATRON Dynamics supplies turn-key production solutions to some of the world’s largest manufactures, and has locations throughout North America.


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